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We offer many services along with 3d printing. We repair and build 3d printers any thing from kits to full custom big boy printers. Printing advice before you buy one do you need one and what printer will best fit your needs. what materials are best suited for your project with a wide range of printer filaments  finding the right one can be hard we can help point you to the right one to your project.

3d Printing Cost

3d Printing is not the cheapest thing to do but is doesn't break the bank either for the standard printing filaments ABS PLA we charge just $5.00 an hr for any color we have on hand. that charged off the slicer ( the program that makes the printing file) often times it is off and prints take much longer our loss. If you looking for some of the fancier stuff like carbon fiber fill, copper fill, glow in the dark or color changing the cose dose go up to $10.00 and hr print time because the materiel cost is a lot more. Fail print no worries we will print until it come out our loss but that is our guarantee, our printer are accurate to +/- .04mm.

how to price your prints a 1 inch cube take 1 hr to print at a fast setting for the most detailed setting it take 3 hours to print at a 20% infill if you use this information you can get an idea of the cost to print.

We have 4 printers running at this time that number always is changing because our printers are always for sale this keeps us fresh with the times maybe you like the way your project came out but would like to do it at home simple just take our printer with you.

We have
 Formbot Trex3 this is the go to printer with a bed of 400x400x500mm most projects can be done on this guy.

3Dsystems Cubepro duo that is no longer 3Dsystems but has been reworked to run more user friendly marlin firmware and not locked to there costly  filament  

Craftbot Flow IDEX XL Tis printer is new and so far has been rocking.

Custom built big pursa style printer with a .8mm nozzle and a bed of 900x750x850 this one can handle just about any thing you can think of maybe even a lost casting of a V8 engine block (think big they say)

Design Work 

We can work with you to make you ideas come to life and for only $50.00 an hr. Keep in mind if we refer you out to one of our cad experts the cost is a lot more per hr. Most simple designs can be done in-house for the $50.00 an hr take a look at our projects page for ideas of what we can do in house.

Printer building and repair

Bought a printer and it came in parts worry no more we have built many kit printers. Maybe you got it built but not printing well and needs to be tuned not a problem we can get you going fast at you place our ours. Building and repair is billed at $20.00 and hr most tuning is done in just a few hours at our place and we don't charge wile the printer is printing if we come to you we charge from the time we arrive to when we leave. Most printer bought in a kit can be assembled in about 8hr with basic tuning ready to print when you get it home.

Custom built printers do take a lot more time to work out all the details but you can get a very large 900x750x850 printer from us for around $8000 auto bed leveling heated build plate great for PLA

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