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The D3D printer is a game-changer for anyone or any company starting to 3D print. The reason I set out to supply the best and easest to use 3D printer is easy to answer... More 3D printing fewer problems.​

I offer 3D printer repair service and the majority of printers that come in are due to a lack of quilty components. and often get a full rebuild of components needed for quilty finished prints. the 3D printers I buy often go through a complete overhaul to get them 3D printing to my strict standards. This often means downtime and a large expense that was not budged for, my basic rebuild starts at $700

What makes the D3D 3D printer so great... Well being fully open-source built with off-the-shelf components from Duet and E3D. This means if you do have a problem ( yes they happen ) you can quickly get back up and running without waiting for weeks for parts.  

There are a few parts that are only used on this 3D printer... they are aluminum and really not a wearable part like the print bed and print bed supports 

The print bed is made by Denver 3D printing and is unique as it has magnets embedded into the plat itself. No need for a stick on a magnetic base for a spring steel print surface.

Now at this point, your probably asking yourself " Where can I order this amazing 3D printer" 

Each printer is custom made to order so I do not have them sitting on a shelf sorry. This does mean you won't get old outdated components. Being a semi-custom build working closely with the builder you get the size you need from 100mm up to 1600mm only print cookie cutters and don't need a printer that's 300mm not a problem we can go as little as 50 mm in the Z direction. Ready to start a consultation? Simply Email Info@Denver3Dprint.com or fill out the form below

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