In-Home 3D Printer Repair

I am now offering In-Home printer service through Master Appliance Tech. My other business combining the In-Home service makes it easer on me to keep track

FDM 3D printer repair

We offer repair service on most FDM printers like Prusa, MakerBot, Flashforge, and many others. starting at $20 an hr we can clear your hotend, change your nozzle and fully service your printer to bring it back to tip-top printing status

Now offering In-Home service. While no, I can not rebuild your printer in your house I can do many things like clean up and oiling of moving parts where needed. Nozzle changes and Bed leveling services start at $90 while a tune-up service is just $150. this is a great benefit for you as leveling the print bed where the printer spends its life is much better than bringing it to the shop for service, then having to relevel the print bed after you take it back home. I am doing this through my appliance repair service Master Appliance Tech.  This allows me to stay on track with my other work and keep them all in one place for scheduling. When you set up an appointment later on that day I will call and set up a firm time frame based on my location throughout the day or in the days ahead.

Big News I have set up to become a E3D dealer right here in Colorado. Now offering CR Revo swaps and Prusa Revo swaps along with many other parts on hand just set up a time to stop by and shop.

On Creality printers, I find the frame and motors are good but the Hardware/Software is lacking. So I offer a rebuilding program ( works on many brands).

What does a rebuild consist of you might ask? A lot really here's the highlights. a new hotend/extruder combo of your liking ( I mainly use E3D components) a Bltouch for auto-leveling and most importantly a new Control board Duet 2 WiFi.

Now, this is not a cheap upgrade I spend many hours on your printer tuning it and making it the best it can be ( better than Prusa mk3 in my opinion) spending time in the firmware to make the printer just print because after all, that's why you got it! less fiddling and more printing.

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